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Frequently Asked Questions

By the term dedicated we assure you that the assistant will be solely working just for you. The services/assistance we will be providing will be completely on one-to-one basis. All the requirements will be performed on time and there will be no need to ask twice for a single work.

Quick, good work and excellent communication of the virtual assistant will ensure that their performance is up-to-date. All the modern techniques and support that is available, our assistants our well-accustomed to.

You can submit your work to our VA team at any workday or weekend you need. Our dedicated team will look on your problems on the following business day that is Monday to Friday.

All the major holidays of US is observed by our VA team. But in case if you have any major task to complete, our team is there to dedicatedly complete the task.

Without any doubt our VA teams can handle the scheduling for you. VA will co-ordinate meetings for you, schedule appointments with clients and will manage Google Calendar very easily. You can share the required information need for scheduling to our VA without any hesitation.

YES! With proper information and access our VA will be able to do all the marketing work for you such as placing orders, purchasing products, scheduling placements securely etc. You can share your important details to your assigned over Phone such as credit card or debit card number which he/she will be needed for purchasing. And it is a guarantee from our team to keep your private information private and secure.

Of course! Undoubtedly our VA will make outbound calls if needed by the company. Our VA is happy to serve you with all the facilities you will be asking regarding the work. Contacting Vendors, Placing Phone calls for you and making reservations for you all the work will be dedicatedly done by our VA.

The answer is come with both positive and negative way. Every VA has been assigned with the availability of extension in which you can call to submit your task. But, if your Vendors, Contractors or service providers call him/her they will not be able to receive the call on behalf of you.

Definitely they can. By using Google Presentation format our VA is able to edit and format any kind of presentation. In case if you require an assistant with the knowledge of PowerPoint or keynote then you can easily buy a license of our VA to get the service firmly without any hesitation but as long as your hardware and operating system is compatible with our VA system.

All our VAs are experienced and certified and examined to provide a hassle free service to our client. With proper information our VAs are very happy to solve any kind of problem regarding your project. But, one notable thing which you must consider that our VA is not able to perform any task which requires local desktop download.

Hiring FAQ's

After submitting your task it can take maximum of three days to start your work and to assign an assistant for you. After you complete the hiring process our team will evaluate the work. We are not much sure about the timeframe we will be needed to complete the evaluation. After evaluating if you want to move forward with you we will manage a face-to face interview with you.

It is quite difficult for our team to respond to every application urgently as we receive a lot of application in a daily basis. But, you can rest assured about the thing that if your application matches our requirement we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We cannot assure about this matter as we do not have any specific planning to move towards other countries. But what you can do is do a regular checking of our website for the updates.